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playful Cities Design Guide PUBLISHED

Cities Design Guide: ”Play for anyone, anywhere”

“The Playful Cities Design Guide is a resource that complements the Playful Cities Toolkit and provides practical and inspirational ideas to help urban practitioners and city authorities to imagine and embed small-scale play elements for children, youths, and adults in city design and planning.

It explores the spatial dimensions of play and how diverse urban spaces can enable play for everyone, anywhere. The publication is a rich compendium of play elements and practical examples that can be adapted and used in different design processes and socio-cultural contexts to trigger and support play as a crucial element of our everyday life.”

This great compilation of research, analysis and knowledge includes Crossboundaries’ Songzhuang Micro Community Park as one of the 5 case studies in this design guide, among projects by Space for PlayPICO colectivoCatalyticAction and orizzontale.

Find the free download here:

This work is a collaboration between:
ArupCatalyticActionThe LEGO Foundation and PlacemakingX.
The Authors and Contributers are:
Dr Sara Candiracci, Riccardo Luca Conti, Joana Dabaj, Dr Dasha Moschonas, Dr Brenna Hassinger-Das, Jacopo Donato