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Sana KNZ

Planning for the seamless flow

Analysis and iterative user process to develop a comprehensive basis for future planning steps.

The Sana Clinic in Düsseldorf is planning to build a new building for the existing Neurological Center for Children KNZ. The spatial and functional requirements of the KNZ are being analyzed and recorded in an iterative process with the user. In a further step, the spatial requirements are being compared with potential construction fields. The developed program covers all functions with area information, their functional requirements, and spatial relations according to patient flows and work procedures.

The analysis shows a plausible increase in space, which is justified by the growth potential of the KNZ. It generates additional value for the clinic in terms of increasing the number of patients through an improved range of services and interesting therapy offers, improvement of internal working procedures and functions with potential for secondary use.

The results form a well-founded basis for further planning steps and enable a long-term requirement-based and functional building structure for the KNZ.


Client: Sana Neurological Center for Children
Program: Neurological Center for Children
Services: Basic analysis, spatial program, function diagram, location analysis, identification of development potential

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany.
Building area: n.n.
Design period: 2017-2018


Partner in Charge: Antje Voigt


Juhr Architekturbüro für Industriebau- und Gesamtplanung