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Summer Camp 2022

We just recently got back from Daotong Village in Hunan where we conducted a Design and Construction Summer Camp for 18 children from grade 3 to 6 as part of our educational agenda, resulting resulted in a colorful group installation.
It takes many steps before turning bamboo sticks and strings into a 3-dimensional playscape. Among other skills, children had to learn how to use a handsaw to cut bamboo sticks, how to tie the sticks together with ropes, and how to work together in a team. 

Crossboundaries worked together with the Sany Foundation and Wuhan Sunners Development and Innovation Center to execute this 6-day workshop. Thanks to our skillful, patient, hardworking, and persistent children and their amazing teachers.

Click here to get more information on the 6-day workshop!

See a video of the process here